I have worked with Integrated Services for years at Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups and their expertise is invaluable. They are able to scale solutions, anticipate needs, and build out reliable tools and processes to fit a sales team of 5 or 500. Not only do they have years of experience working with sales ops orgs with companies such as eBay, Facebook, Office Depot, StubHub, but they are an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly professional, timely, dedicated, and always ready to tackle a problem in crisis. They have been the key to many great successes.

May Chen-Contino

Sr. Manager | Integrated Marketing at Forter




Integrated Services is a superb asset to have on any Salesforce project. They have deep knowledge of all aspects of the platform along with the experience, drive and determination to make the project successful. We recently engaged them on one of the largest projects we have ever undertaken and it would not have been successful without them. Highly recommended!

Andy Clark

Senior Manager/Technical Architect | Force.com Architecture