Training & Adoption

Training and User Adoption go hand and hand when rolling out a new Salesforce implementation – take a look at the 7 best practices for rolling out a training/user adoption strategy.

Build Your Salesforce Training Team
These are the people who can tell you what a successful implementation will look like. You need to understand the key goals of implementing Salesforce and determine what the organization wants to be able to do. Coordinate with external partners. Help your colleagues with the system.

Choose a database hero!
Selecting the right system administrator for your organization’s Salesforce training program is critical because the administrator will play the most important role in making your CRM implementation successful.

Obtain and maintain executive support for the Salesforce project
This step cannot be overstated enough. The executive sponsor should lend his or her influence to the project. Having that person’s full support and participation—from the planning stage until the go-live date and beyond—is critical.

Technology should be adjusted to meet your needs and not vice versa
The biggest problem that surfaces from  Salesforce implementation is that the sales or marketing team start working for Salesforce, not the other way around. You need to ensure that the Salesforce training includes a business process review and that this workflow is incorporated into the way Salesforce operates. Sales people who are told to use Salesforce without any real structure to it, quickly resent the extra work. If the database cannot support your business processes, search for a different solution.

Most people are resistant to change
No matter how well designed you Salesforce Training, bear in mind, it may take some time before people willing switch over to a new system-without complaints and with a smile. Be prepared and patient.

User adoption is the key to making your Salesforce project a success
Let us help you ensure high rates of user adoption by working with you to create a long-term strategy, with ongoing efforts to drive adoption. Call Integrated Services to find out how to make incentives and rewards part of your adoption strategy.